BAMF stands for exactly what you think it does. BAMF doesn’t roll like those pretty boys with matching lycra kits and expensive power meters. If you ride a bike, and we mean really ride a bike, you know the cold burn on your face in the dead of winter, the sound of a body hitting the ground and the taste of a warm beer in the morning. You don’t ride so you can shave your legs and drive around town with a bike on the rack hoping to be seen…You hunt those types down and smirk as you rip past leaving them and their GPS and sunblock keychain wondering what the hell happened?

All the BAMF bikes are black (like the guys at BAMF are going to fight over color pallets) and come with minimal decal and a killer 4 color (gold, white, purple and blue)  sticker kit for you to create the look you want. Put the stickers on the bike, a cop car or your friend’s back. They take bikes seriously…like tattoos. They don’t want you to show up and see the exact same machine as some poser. BAMF wants you to make it your own. Bikes are a permanent fixture in their life and they pour that passion into their work. The Piledriver is a serious bike as you can tell from the name. It will turn your world upside-down.